Fuck, I am who I am / Jill Raymond

Jill Bethan Raymond, age 35.

Jill Raymond is a British-Canadian performer living in a purpose-built work/live space in Richmond, BC. She has trained and performed around the world, and also teaches acting, singing and dancing for all ages.

What makes you laugh?

Really stupid puns, other people laughing, the random things that kids will say

When did you last cry?

Yesterday. I have been crying pretty much every day for the last week or so, I'm not sure if it's cathartic. I'm very much on the edge of my emotions right now.

What’s your earliest memory?

The day my dad left England (after he and my mum separated), I remember so much of that morning picture perfectly, and nothing for years before or after. It's eerie.

Describe what ‘love’ means to you.

Unwavering support, tactful honesty, embraces

What makes you unique to everyone else on this planet?

Oh jeez. I really don't know. If everyone on this planet is unique then doesn't that mean that ultimately no-one is? That sounds dismissive; I truly do think everyone is unique, but it's the package, it's not one trait. So - my whole self, I guess, makes me unique to everyone else.

Name 3 people (living or dead) you’d invite to your virtual quarantine dinner party.

It's really hard for me to only think of three people to invite. I live alone, I want so much to have everyone I care about come and hug me right now. A giant banquet! Like a baroque painting... I really can't pick three, so I'll just pick one: my granny, we would cook old-timey recipes and chat about the theatre.

Describe yourself in 5 words (this can be a sentence or 5 separate words).

She is trying her best.

Who or what has made the greatest impact on your life?

People-wise: My family. Action-wise: Moving to Canada. Artistically: writing, producing and performing in Hysteria.

Any regrets?

Not looking for an agent when I lived in London.

Tell us something no one knows about you (and I mean no-one)? Until now.

I hide money all around my house, like a squirrel hides nuts. I'm not good at saving money, but I am good at hiding it and forgetting where.