Fuck I am who I am / Kaitlyn McInnis

Kaitlyn Anne McInnis, aged 27.

Kaitlyn is a Montreal-based travel writer with a penchant for great food and wine. Through her personal and professional platforms, she aims to tell stories that will inspire you to travel; whether that means planning a luxurious getaway or embarking on adventures into the unfamiliar. Her work has appeared in Travel + Leisure, Tatler, MAXIM magazine, Culture Trip, and others.

What makes you laugh?

I love a good belly laugh over drinks with friends but since the quarantine I’ve gotten really into binge watching Canadian comedy—I particularly like Schitt’s Creek and Kim’s Convenience.

When did you last cry?

Thursday afternoon. It was almost like this whole global pandemic started to fully sink in. I realized I won’t be able to do the things I love—like traveling, dining out with friends, hugging my grandmother—for a very long time.

What’s your earliest memory?

This is going to make me sound a little dramatic, ahem, but my earliest memory is actually me, consciously pulling a (small-ish) bookshelf over on top of my friend. I think I was three years old. He didn’t get hurt but I did get the attention I was after. >:)

Describe what ‘love’ means to you.

A sort of ASMR-like feeling that makes you forget all rational thinking, at least for a moment.

What makes you unique to everyone else on this planet?

Good question.

Name 3 people (living or dead) you’d invite to your virtual quarantine dinner party.

Anthony Bourdain, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Kim Kardashian. Could you imagine?

Describe yourself in 5 words (this can be a sentence or 5 separate words).

Unintentionally-judgemental, wine-drinking wallflower.

Who or what has made the greatest impact on your life?

Both of my grandmothers really shaped me growing up, they were both so independent and full of amazing stories that made me want to go out and collect my own. My paternal grandmother spent her young adulthood living in France and Belgium while my maternal grandmother spent her early adulthood doing odd jobs and travelling Canada and the US by RV with my grandfather.

Any regrets?

I try to learn from mistakes or missteps rather than hold onto them. However, not calling my grandmother more frequently during her last few months of life still hurts.

Tell us something no one knows about you (and I mean no-one)? Until now.

I take a video of myself swan-diving into every hotel bed I sleep in. I have a collection of about 50 videos (and counting) that I hope to someday turn into something weird and wonderful but will probably just be an Instagram slideshow.