Fuck, I am who I am / Aidy Smith

Aidy Smith, age 29.

Aidy Smith, is an award winning TV presenter, journalist and drinks personality with a key focus on the modern consumer. He presents the Amazon Prime TV Series, The Three Drinkers alongside writing a drinks column for The Independent and acting as Vivino Global Brand Ambassador to 42 million wine lovers!

What makes you laugh?

When something totally random happens out of the blue that you never expected and you catch someone's eye right at the moment it happened. That’s where the best laughter, the stomach heavy laughter comes from - complete and utter chance.

When did you last cry?

When watching the finale of Downton Abbey a couple of days ago… I know, I know, total softie.

What’s your earliest memory?

Being hit (by accident) in the face by my Grandma’s handbag on my 5th birthday. She made great pies, so I forgave her.

Describe what ‘love’ means to you.

To look into someone eyes and feel like you are on another planet, a feeling within your heart that just lifts you up and gives you a sense of complete euphoria, but can also give you fear like you’ve never felt before if it is ever challenged or put in danger of being lost without control.

What makes you unique to everyone else on this planet?

I’m a gay TV Presenter with Tourette Syndrome. Don’t see many of us around.

Name 3 people (living or dead) you’d invite to your virtual quarantine dinner party.

My grandma because she was cheeky as hell and made great pie (you already know this, she’d have to get the pie here somehow though, I hadn’t thought about that, but I’ll look like a dick if I change my answer now because everyone will think it was just about the pie), my best friend JP who was taken from this planet way too early and Graham Norton because he’d light up the room.

Describe yourself in 5 words (this can be a sentence or 5 separate words).

Cheeky, Optimistic, Thoughtful, Ambitious, Weird.

Who or what has made the greatest impact on your life?

I moved to San Francisco at 20 years old knowing no one and met Steve and Rose Smith who took me in as their adopted nephew. They have had a colossal impact on my life, my passions and the path I chose to go down and having them in my life means so much to me.

Any regrets?

Regrets, not so much, although there’s one person in my life I always wish I’d kissed and I don’t know if that will happen now! We’ll see what happens...

Tell us something no one knows about you (and I mean no-one)? Until now.

The worst thing in the world is having crumbs on my feet, I absolutely hate the feeling. I always try and stay composed but I’ve come very close to losing my shit. It’s just such a gross feeling, crumbs on your feet. Maybe I’m being overdramatic, who knows, but I’ve never told anyone that before!