Fuck, I am who I am / Victor Magsaysay

Victor Enciso Magsaysay, aged 48.

Victor is primarily a designer but has been cooking professionally for 12 years.

What makes you laugh?

Ridiculous things that I and other people think of.

When did you last cry?

When I was faced with the thought of mortality of someone I love.

What’s your earliest memory?

Being asked to read the newspaper at 3 years old. I don't know if I was successful but the adults seemed all pleased.

Describe what ‘love’ means to you.

Indescribable. It is so very powerful people use it for espionage.

What makes you unique to everyone else on this planet?

My ideas and humour. I guess one can call it spirit.

Name 3 people (living or dead) you’d invite to your virtual quarantine dinner party.

1.5 meters apart .... hmmmm ... with that distance I'll choose Oscar Wilde, The Goddess of Mercy and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Describe yourself in 5 words (this can be a sentence or 5 separate words).

Curious, Exact, Musical, Visual, Sensual.

Who or what has made the greatest impact on your life?

My parents for foundation, my friends for their loyal support and Robert Behrman for finishing and refinement.

Any regrets?

Discipline, I wish I had more.

Tell us something no one knows about you (and I mean no-one)? Until now.

Whatever for ... I already did.